Learning for children is natural, effortless and fun. At Parkside the students move about in a prepared environment choosing, both on their own and with teacher involvement, activities that they are ready to master and which they greatly enjoy.

   The Montessori equipment is designed to be attractive and interesting to them. The environment allows them to grow into confident and independent learners by working hands-on with developmentally appropriate materials.


   The Practical Life area includes washing and polishing activities, food preparation, spooning, pouring, buttoning, zipping, snapping, etc. These activities internalize the child’s sense of order and offer the opportunity for the motor skill refinement and the concentrated activity which are necessary for later reading and writing. 

   The highly developed Cognitive area of the curriculum includes concrete reading and math readiness materials.



The Sensorial area offers materials that serve to enhance visual and aural discrimination, sense of size, shape, color, as well as large and small motor control. 

   Materials are available each day for drawing, painting, cutting, pasting and sculpting in clay. Our music program includes singing, dancing, games, recorded and live music. Our art and music activities reflect seasonal and holiday celebrations.

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