The Parkside Montessori School
53 Norwood Avenue
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043

Back to School Night
Tuesday, October 17
7:00 pm

Please remember Back to School Night is for our parents, not for students.

We will meet in the upstairs hall  of the church at 7:00 P.M. and after an informational session, we will go down to the Pre-K classroom for refreshments and social time.

If you would like to contribute either a snack or dessert, there is a sign up sheet in the the lobby.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening.

School Closed
Thursday and Friday, November 9 and 10  for NJEA Convention.

Please Label
As the weather cools and children are wearing jackets, sweaters, hats, PLEASE clearly label all outerwear, and again,  PLEASE label lunch boxes and backpacks (both on the outside) and all lunch containers that are inside the lunch box.  We cannot overstate how much easier transition times are when everything is labeled.  Many of you have done this,  and we are grateful for your cooperation.  Also please send your children to school in practical shoes which are properly-sized so that they remain on their feet as they run and play on the playground. 


Is a pre-school for children ages two and a half to five serving the families of Montclair, Glen Ridge and surrounding communities. Its directors have been operating the program for over 30 years. It is non-denominational and non-discriminatory.

The mission of The Parkside Montessori School is to cultivate curiosity, independence, social responsibility, and a lifelong love of learning.
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UPCOMING FUNDRAISER:  Our annual fundraiser begins on October 18.  One thing we know we need is a much larger piece of play equipment for our playground.  For a change of pace this year we will be using a company called “Mixed Bag Designs”.  There are two catalogs, one which features bags, pocket books, organizers etc., and the other which contains items for kitchen and home.  Also, we are again working with the “Equal Exchange” company.  Our families have enjoyed the merchandise over the last 6 years that we have offered the catalog.  We met with the company’s representatives 7 years ago at a Montessori conference in Boston.  We especially like the fact that they are dedicated to fair trade and that they support small farmers and artisans across the globe.   We think the items offered are of good quality and reasonably priced, and you will have many choices.  We hope for as much participation as possible from our families, and we thank you in advance for that.