The Parkside Montessori School
53 Norwood Avenue
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043

Dear Parents,

Pursuant to state requirements, please review the 12 items below either online or as a downloadable pdf. Then download the Checklist and initial each box to indicate that you reviewed each item. Finally, please print your child's name and yours then sign and date and return to Parkside.


1.   Information to Parents

2.   Expulsion Policy

3.   Policy on Release of Children

4.   Extended Services Policy

5.   Policy on Schedule Changes

6.   Illness Policy/Communicable Diseases

7.   Parent Guidelines

8.   Parking Guidelines

9.   Welcome Letter

10.  Web Consent Form - New Students Only

11.  Policy of Methods of Parental Notification

12.  Policy on the Use of Technology and Social Media
Universal Health Care Form

Emergency Form
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