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The Solar System
During this shutdown of all schools we will continue to work with you and your children via email, FaceBook and this website.
Our first virtual lesson is
The Solar System
(Sung to the tune of Farmer in the Dell)
The family of the sun, the family of the sun,
There are nine planets in the family of the sun.
Mercury is hot, and Mercury is small,
Mercury has no atmosphere, it's just a rocky ball.
Venus has thick clouds, that hide what is below,
The air is foul, the ground is hot, It rotates very slow.
We love the Earth our home, its oceans and its trees,
We eat its food, we breathe its air, so no pollution please.
Mars is very red, it's dry, dusty, and cold,
Someday you might visit Mars If you are very bold.
Great Jupiter is big, we've studied it a lot,
We found that it has 22 moons and a big red spot.
Saturn has great rings, we wondered what they were,
Now we know they're icy rocks which we saw as a blur.
Uranus and Neptune, we don’t know much about,
Maybe you can study them, And then we will find out.
Pluto’s last in line, it's farthest from the sun,
It's small and cold and icy too. To land there won't be fun.
The family of the sun, the family of the sun,
There are nine planets, and now our journey's done.
Good Morning everyone!
I hope you will enjoy the Solar System unit. I know we started talking at length about each of our planets. Watch the videos from our classroom to refresh your memory and tell your family what you know about the planets. After you're finished, you can color in your own Solar System project. Feel free to send us a picture of your work and we can post it for your friends to see!
Click on the links below for lessons.
Click on the Art Project below and a letter sized PDF for coloring will automatically download.
To the left is The Family of the Sun, a song we like to sing.
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Dogs in Space
Outer Solar System
Inner Solar System
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